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 25th Year Reunion

Know a class mate that is not listed.  Tell them about wwh86.com.  So they can be a part of reunion 2011.


Class of 1986





Trish Gilmour - King is happy because the site is almost done!!!

I think Candy Charles - Shriver deserves a special thank you    and a vacation.  She made the   Wichita's West High 20 year    Reunion a huge success.   
Thanks again Candy!!!  

I can encourage BUT... I can't make you all help.  We are in need of some funny captions for our photo gallery pictures.  As you mouse over a picture you will see a picture number.  Just include that picture number when you send in a caption.

The power behind this site is your involvement.  The Bulletin Board section is where you can all communicate with each other.  If you don't get active posting ("communicating"), others will have no interest in coming back to your site.  We need a name for 2011.  Click here.

If you have more images or a caption that you would like to see published, email them to me. --->Joe@davteks.com

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